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Halt Chronic Tooth Pain with Gentle Tooth Extractions

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Why Do I need a Tooth Extracted?

Teeth can be extracted for many reasons, including trauma, decay, or disease. While healthy, natural teeth have no equal, if they cause problems, we commonly recommend tooth extractions to halt your tooth pain and ensure your oral health is maintained. Wisdom teeth extractions and baby tooth extractions do not require replacement. In the case of problem tooth extractions, we provide education on the tooth replacement options you have, including dental implants. Many patients fear tooth extractions, but they are one of the most common procedures we perform and are generally a simple treatment process for our experienced team. For damaged or decayed teeth, we only consider tooth extractions in situations where other restorative dental care has not been effective.

Common Reasons for Tooth Extractions

The reasons for tooth extractions vary depending on the type of tooth. Unlike problem teeth, which we try to save before considering tooth extractions, we commonly recommend wisdom teeth be extracted before they damage surrounding teeth or become infected. We determine the best course of action after complete x-rays and a thorough evaluation of your mouth. Common reasons for tooth extractions include:

Preserve Your Oral Health with Dental Implants

We recommend that problem teeth be replaced with dental implants or other restorative options. If you are in good oral health and only have issues with a single tooth, dental implants can replace your tooth with nearly identical function, strength and aesthetics. If you require multiple tooth extractions to preserve your oral health, full arch dental implants are the only permanent solution that also protects your facial shape, improves your health, and establishes a strong bite, and restores the beauty of your smile. Tooth extractions are not the end of treatment. If you need a tooth removed, we can fill the gap with an artificial tooth that looks natural and functions like a normal tooth!

Put an end to your tooth pain!

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