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Implant Dentistry

Full arch implants from Brunswick Dental Implants offer patients with failing or missing teeth the opportunity to regain virtually the same aesthetics and functionality of that of a full arch of natural and healthy teeth. Along with implant supported dentures, full arch dental implants are a long-term solution to tooth loss, relying on the strength and stability of dental implants to remain permanently in place. We are specifically trained and experienced in implant dentistry and rely on our expertise throughout all aspects of your full arch treatment process. Our technology-driven care helps us plan treatment with precision, creating the most accurate and safe procedures with “virtual surgery” software, while removing nearly all room for human error. We personalize every full arch dental implants treatment process to the needs of each patient, an approach that ensures the best possible outcomes for your unique oral health situation.

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“With the advent of implantology we now have the ability to provide patients with fixed teeth. That is teeth that for the most part look, feel and function like real teeth within a day.”
Kevin Guze DMD

The Benefits of Full Arch Dental Implants

Patients missing all of their teeth, with severely failing smiles, or those with dentures receive the greatest improvements to their quality of life and personal wellbeing with full arch dental implants and implant supported dentures. Five to six dental implants surgically placed into the jaw bone lay the foundation for a full-arch dental prosthesis. Once healed, the dental implants securely and permanently hold the restoration in place. Full arch dental implants are the closest replication of a full arch of normal teeth, and can restore nearly 100 percent of oral function, while improving your health and self-confidence.
Benefits include:

  • Aesthetics

    Our full arch prostheses and dentures are highly attractive, made from the best quality materials and created to match your face and smile. Along with the aesthetics provided by a full set of teeth, full arch dental implants are straight and attractively tooth-colored, vastly improving the look of your smile. Natural in appearance and feel, artificial teeth will be hard to distinguish from a full arch of healthy, normal teeth!

  • Function

    Both full arch dental implants and implant supported dentures are supported by dental implants. This offers the greatest level of security and strength, aside from natural teeth. With a stabilized prosthesis or dentures, biting and chewing power is restored, enabling you to eat all the foods you love, without fear of dentures shifting or falling out of place.

  • Oral Health

    Full arch dental implants are fixed to dental implants and do not rest on the gums. This eliminates both the need for pastes or adhesives and soft tissue irritation. Dental implants themselves disperse pressure evenly around the jaw bone, providing stimulation that helps the bone remain healthy and strong. A stable bite allows for a wider dietary range, improving overall health as well.

  • Wellbeing

    The comfort, security, and strength of full arch dental implants and implant supported dentures is comparable to no other tooth replacement option. Full arch solutions provide a permanent smile that mimics natural, healthy teeth in virtually every aspect. Total restoration of smile aesthetics, health, and function significantly improves self-esteem and reestablishes an overall sense of confidence and wellbeing.

Implant Supported Dentures Secure a Stable Smile

Patients living with dentures are most likely aware of the limitations of this removable restoration. Implant supported dentures are a type of full arch dental implants that add an additional layer of security, while improving comfort for your gums and the strength of your bite. We place two or more dental implants into your jaw bone, a base onto which we snap your denture or a new prosthesis. With the added stability provided by the dental implants, you can enjoy a wider variety of foods, speak more clearly, and never have to worry about pastes or slipping dentures ever again. Patients who opt for this secure solution find that confidence in their smile and overall ability to eat, speak, and laugh greatly increases as a result!

We restore complete smiles.

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