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Restore Full Confidence in Your Smile with Modern Dentures

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Custom Dentures Designed to Improve Function

Dentures are one of the most cost-effective ways our patients can replace multiple missing teeth. Modern full and partial dentures are made from high-quality material that captures the most natural look and feel of teeth. We design your dentures to be highly aesthetic and custom-fit for the most beautiful appearance and improved functionality. With personalized dentures in place, it is easier to bite and chew foods, talk clearly, and smile with confidence from a complete and attractive smile! From a few missing teeth to a full arch of missing teeth, modern dentures can improve your day-to-day functioning and well being!

Partial Dentures Complete Your Smile

Partial dentures take the place of one or more missing teeth in the smile. Stabilized with other teeth, partial dentures are custom and removable, fitting snuggly around existing teeth. We customize partial dentures to your mouth and teeth, blending them with the correct color and shape. Depending on the health of your remaining teeth, we may recommend partial dentures to complete your smile and preserve your remaining teeth.

Benefits of Partial Dentures:
• Prevents shifting of teeth
• Improves ease of biting and chewing
• Retains a full and aesthetic smile
• Preserves facial shape
• Restores self-confidence

Full Dentures Restore Beautiful Function

Full dentures restore a smile after all teeth have been lost in one or both arches. Modern dentures rest on the gums and are secured with both suction and pastes or adhesives. While they do not stimulate the jaw bone, they help to fill out the face and cheeks, while improving your ability to eat, speak, and smile. For patients desiring greater security, full dentures secured with dental implants offer greater stability and strength, while improving oral health.

Benefits of Full Dentures:
• Replace all missing teeth
• Improves biting and chewing
• Keep lips from sinking inward
• Enhances smile aesthetics
• Renews self-confidence

Are dentures right for you? Find out!

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