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Dental Implants Permanently Replace Missing Teeth

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Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants provide one of the most significant advantages in tooth replacement today due to their likeness to natural and healthy teeth in both function and appearance. As the only permanent option for replacing missing teeth, dental implants provide many oral health benefits, restoring your ability to eat, speak, and smile with total confidence. Backed by years of training and experience, our skilled team leverages both their expertise and advanced guided implant surgery to place and restore dental implants with the utmost precision and aesthetic outcomes. With dental implants properly in place, you can enjoy all the same benefits that come with a smile full of healthy and natural teeth!


“With the latest technology, we have the ability to make dental implant treatment look completely natural.”
Kevin Guze DMD

The Long-Term Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are the only replacement for missing teeth that can take the place of an entire tooth, from the root to the crown. In this way, they also function identically to natural teeth by being secured into your jaw bone, allowing you to bite and chew tough or sticky foods normally. Dental implants are also made from high-quality materials that match existing teeth in color. Once fully restored, dental implants are indistinguishable from your other natural teeth and will function just as well!

Advantages of Dental Implants:

• Restores smile aesthetics
• Maintains facial shape
• Improves eating and speaking
• Renews self-confidence

Your Dental Implant Options

single dental implant

Single dental implant: If you are missing even one tooth, your oral health is at risk. Without a tooth to stimulate the jaw bone, bone atrophy begins to occur which can lead to shifting of other teeth or increased risk of infection. We can replace your missing tooth with a natural-looking implant and crown the same day a tooth is removed.

multiple dental implants

Multiple dental implants: Missing more than one tooth is common and should be addressed immediately. Unlike a tooth supported bridge which relies on surrounding teeth to support the restoration, implants provide a healthy, more natural alternative to bridges, which will never shift, decay or require root canal treatment.

full arch dental implants

Full arch dental implants: If you have dentures and are looking for a more stable, healthier alternative, we can complete your smile in one visit. This option uses a number of dental implants (as few as four) surgically placed in the jaw bone to support a custom, natural-looking prosthesis. There are no pastes or need to worry about slipping dentures; this option is designed to stay in place.

The Dental Implant Process

Dental Implant Procedure Example

Dental implants are made up of three parts—post, abutment, and crown—all of which come together to form a prosthetic tooth that looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth. We utilize surgical planning software and physical guides to determine the most ideal position to place the dental implants into your jaw. Surgery can commonly be completed with local sedation, but we offer sedation dentistry to enhance the comfort and relaxation for our patients. Once placed, the titanium post will then begin to fuse with the existing bone, becoming as stable and strong as a natural tooth root. During this time, we customize a dental crown that we will permanently secure to the implant post once it has finished healing. After this process is complete, you will be able to enjoy both the functional and aesthetic improvements that come from fully restored dental implants!

The Proof Is In Our Patients

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