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What Determines Dental Implant Cost?

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A Long-Term Investment in the Health of Your Smile

Modern dentistry provides patients with many ways to replace their missing teeth. One the forefront of tooth replacement solutions are dental implants, which have remained one of the most popular choices. Dental implant cost may be greater upfront compared to other solutions like dental bridges or dentures, but their long-term benefits far outweigh these options. Due to their permanency, dental implant cost must factor in other procedures to ensure overall success. The most important point to remember when deciding on how to replace your missing teeth is their long-term investment when placed correctly by an experienced dentist. Dental implants are the only solution available that can provide significant improvements to your oral health, the function of your mouth, and the appearance of your smile.


“There are several different options in the industry, and for something so permanent in your life, you’re really going to want to be with a company that is reputable.”
Kevin Guze DMD

Factors that Determine Dental Implant Cost

What factors into dental implant cost? Unlike other restorative options, dental implants have a more comprehensive treatment process involving surgery and other preliminary procedures. In order to be successful, proper oral health must be established first, and the extent of issues present will factor into dental implant cost as well. Our comprehensive evaluation will determine which procedures you will need for the greatest overall success of your dental implants.

Dental Implant Cost Factors:
Tooth extractions
Bone grafting
Gum disease treatment
Number of teeth replaced
• Location of missing teeth
• Sedation dentistry

Improving Oral Health with Dental Implants

Dental implants not only restore the function and appearance of your smile, but provide the necessary health benefits as well. Without all your teeth, the health of your mouth will begin to decline. Patients missing all of their teeth see the greatest improvements to their smile with full arch dental implants. Dental implant cost itself is only a fraction of the process. The many years you will be able to enjoy a complete, healthy, and beautiful smile is oftentimes the deciding factor for patients. Are you missing one or more teeth, but are concerned about dental implant cost? Schedule a consultation with our office!

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