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Bone Grafting Rebuilds Lost Jaw Bone

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A Healthy Foundation for a Beautiful Smile

Bone grafting is a restorative process that makes it possible for patients with jaw bone loss to receive dental implants. The success of dental implants directly relates to the depth, height, and width of the jaw bone at the treatment site. If the bone is too weak and thin, it will not be able to support a dental implant. Our expertise in implant dentistry helps us exam the health of your jaw bone, determining when bone grafting is necessary, and the most beneficial treatment plan. If you have been missing teeth for many years, or suffered from gum disease, bone grafting can rebuild the structure of your jaw bone and ensure your candidacy for any number of dental implants!


“We have excellent long term studies that demonstrate wonderful results with bone grafting that we know will last and provide support for the implants.”
Kevin Guze DMD

Bone Grafting Restores a Natural Jawine

Bone grafting procedures increase the height and width of the jaw bone, while also reshaping the jaw line with a ridge augmentation or filling in deficiencies of the bone. Bone grafting is also used to raise the sinus cavity, through a sinus lift procedure, to make room for dental implants in the upper back portion of the jaw. In each case, bone grafting is designed to restore the natural jaw line and rebuild the volume, helping promote new bone growth and improving bone strength. Once a healthy and strong jaw bone is established, it will provide a stable foundation for dental implants.


Benefits of Bone Grafting:
• Build a solid foundation for dental implants
• Improves natural jaw line
• Restores bone height and width
• Protects teeth from shifting

Our Bone Grafting Process

dental-implants after-bone-grafting
More Information on Bone Grafting

Bone grafting, while delicate and requiring high amounts of precision, is a routine procedure for our experienced team who incorporates the latest technology and techniques. Through a comprehensive oral assessment and x-rays, we determine the extent of bone loss and best type of treatment, whether a sinus lift, ridge augmentation, or adding additional bone. At your appointment, we numb the treatment site and provide sedation if necessary. We take bone or bone material from your body or a donor source and place it at the treatment site. The area is carefully sutured and the bone is left to heal until it is strong enough for dental implants or another restoration. You can expect a high level of detail and care from our experienced team.

Is bone loss keeping you from dental implants?

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