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Comprehensive and Affordable Dental Care

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Modern, High-Quality Oral Health Care

Providing affordable dental care is one way we can offer as many patients as possible the modern and high-quality oral health care their smiles deserve. Our dentist and board-certified periodontist work together to bring you comprehensive and affordable dental care that retains the highest standard throughout all your treatments and procedures. Together, our team will help you choose the best path to achieving great oral health—financially and physically. Are you searching for more affordable dental care for you and your family? We accept most insurances and credit cards, and partner with CareCredit® to provide third-party financing options.

Bringing Patients the Most Affordable Dental Care

We accept many different types of payments to ensure you receive affordable dental care. Along with accepting cash payments and major credit cards, we partner with most insurance companies. Our staff is experienced in helping you take advantage of the benefits they offer. We also partner with CareCredit and work with you to create the most cost-effective monthly payment options. No matter your situation, we are here to bring our patients the most affordable dental care possible!

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Financial Options For Dental Treatments
We accept the following forms of payment:

• Cash
• Major credit cards
• Most insurances
• CareCredit financing
• We are partnered with Kleer LLC, a Dental Membership plan that offers affordable and comprehensible dental coverage directly to patients.

The Benefits of Good Oral Health

Patients who have the opportunity to receive affordable dental care benefit from improved oral health. Teeth and gums that are properly taken care of by a professional dentist are much less likely to develop decay or disease. Smiles that are healthy improve your confidence, help you eat and chew more effectively, and aid in keeping your overall health on track. In addition, a healthy mouth can save you from costlier dental treatments that result from neglected oral hygiene and professional care. Have you been putting off visiting the dentist because they do not provide affordable dental care? Please schedule an appointment with our office!

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